KT Boyce
KT Boyce
Montrose, CA
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Artist Biography

Kt Boyce grew up in, and involved with, art communities in both Laguna Beach and Pasadena and has been working with digital art for over 21 years. During that time she has been interviewed on television and has exhibited, lectured, and published articles about digital art both nationally and internationally. Her biography and taped interviews are available in many local and college libraries. Kt's art can be found in galleries and museums, as well as private, government, and corporate collections throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Kt has studied commercial art and painting at the Art Center College of Design. She has also attended the University of California at Los Angeles where she obtained a B.A. in printmaking and sculpture and the California Institute of the Arts, receiving a M.F.A. in digital art, printmaking and sculpture.

Kt Boyce is a first generation digital fine artist who constantly strives to maintain a balanced lifestyle between producing art, working as an art educator and therapist and raising two young children. The artistic voice of the mother is usually only expressed after the children are grown, but Kt is thirsty to evolve both as an artist and as a person and she will not wait.

Being isolated in a studio is not for Kt. She prefers to be out amongst the community and around the world. She is employed as an educator, working with students from diverse economic backgrounds, mental capacities, and/or physical impairments. Kt gets much tactile stimulation through teaching painting, drawing and ceramics, but then translates her experiences by using the computer for her own art. Even though she is sought out through commissions for her finely crafted paintings, but Kt prefers digital art. She loves the immediacy and ease in communication, it offers much in the way email has become the preferred means of written communication over ink-dipped quills on parchment sent by post.

Kt's subject matter consists of impressionistic interpretations of Laguna tourist scenes, as well as international landmarks. She avoids commercialized or highly stylized hard lines in favor of a less processed, softer quality that is more characteristic of a caregiver. Kt comes from a fine arts background, so keeping up with the latest advancements in digital technology and graphic design isn't her primary concern so much as expressing a moment with immediacy and economy of means. She supports local copy stores and affordable mediums so that more people can afford fine art. She sees the fine art world changing from one relegated to the rich and/or retired to one emphasizing the approachable, affordable and universal. She would like to see more mother artists producing throughout their childrearing years and believes they can, now more than ever in history, because of the ever-democratizing computer.

Kt craves variety and stimulation through new environments and diverse personalities. By interpreting them in a romantic way, she hopes to inspire the viewer to revisit familiar places or to dream of distant locales.

Kt is a passionate artist reflective of her quickly changing times. She utilizes the computer, works with the community and stepping out of her own world by traveling. In order to stay fresh and centered, while ever-broadening her perspectives, which she can internalize and express in her work. She wants to trigger others to be inspired to find time to live their dreams while they still can.