Carlos Mostacero, owner and founder of Preferred Picture Framing, began his career in 1986. Soon after, he was managing a Los Angeles area custom frame shop before starting a business of his own.

"I genuinely feel that the correct frame job for the artwork will enhance, but not overpower whatever it is you are framing and make it that much more special. Whether it's a memorable piece of fine art, a photograph or something wild, it really is worth spending that little bit extra to give it the final touch it needs."
- Carlos Mostacero

At an early age, Carlos Mostacero showed interest and ambition in art. It was during these early years that he was asked to serve an apprenticeship with the Tom Mollor Art Gallery, a well-known art gallery and custom picture frame shop in his area. He was quickly seen to have an eye for color, imagination, creativity and a passion for excellence.

After gaining experience in a variety of top art galleries and custom picture frame shops learning special techniques in matting, uses of fabrics, shadowboxes and conservation framing from some of the best in the business, Carlos had a desire to open his own gallery and custom picture frame shop and in 1991 he did just that. Within the first year, Carlos had gained a reputation for high-quality workmanship, competitive prices and speedy service, completing his customers’ jobs in a fraction of the time of many other shops.

Carlos was always contemplating on how to service his customers more efficiently and one day while on a delivery, he had a thought…”If I am going to deliver finished framing to a customer, why can’t I just bring the store to them and make it more convenient to get things framed?” After some deep consideration, Carlos figured out that it was possible to take his business on the road and become completely mobile. He designed his van with all of the equipment and tools he needed to have a fully mobile custom picture frame shop and founded Preferred Picture Framing.

Preferred Picture FramingWith Preferred Picture Framing, Carlos was now able to build an even larger customer base. Customers need only to schedule an appointment and a mobile framing van would arrive at their door to help design a frame job and pick up their artwork. Carlos would bring into the customer’s home or business a variety of mat and moulding samples to help the customer decide what best suits them and what best enhances their artwork, giving them his knowledge and expertise in custom picture framing. In many cases, it was not unheard of to have same day service but in general, customers could expect to have their order completed with one week and the best part was that they would have their framing brought right to their home, and even installed..

Carlos has strived throughout the years to give each one of his customers his time and knowledge, making sure each customer is 110% satisfied with his work.

Carlos is so pleased to see the look of satisfaction and excitement when his customers see their artwork “come alive” right in front of their eyes because of the quality of work he has done for them. He can honestly say that in over 20 years of custom picture framing he has never had a dissatisfied customer.

Any artwork you might be thinking about having framed, whether it be a drawing from your child or a piece of art you paid thousands of dollars for, you can rest assured that in the hands of Preferred Picture Framing it will be cared for and treated like a priceless treasure, meticulously framed and returned to you looking better than you’d ever expected. Once your artwork is on display it will scream at people saying, “Look at me! Aren’t I the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”