Fred Chuang
Fred Chuang
Los Angeles, CA
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Artist Statement

My work is the product of visual hedonism coupled with the synthesis of a hybrid past and a desire for discovery. My artwork results from my finding points of balance between my Asian heritage and my American upbringing, between my personal extroversion and my social sequestration, between my Southern education and my New England re-education, between my analytical left-brain and my intuitive right-brain, between my intentions and the consequences of my actions.

Earning an MFA in Theater Design, I was not directed through any standard artistic pedagogy, thus my unorthodox medium. The defining dynamic of my personal creativity is my use of spray paint as my primary means of applying pigment. This "hands-off" technique, along with the fact that all my work to date is painted on the back of a thin, clear panel, underscores my peculiar relationship to my own sense of control or "responsibility" to my making of art. I seem to have chosen a way of creating that leaves the door wide open for the influence of the Muse--or "accident" as others might describe it.

My work is, at its closest analysis, "micro-pointillism"--tiny drops of color. With the intervention of my universal mask of water drops, this micro-pointillism coalesces into a larger "macro-pointillism" created through the distinctions of layers of color. The resulting organic complexity of chromatic interaction is unlike anything possible with the conventional tools of application. Add to this the chromatic enrichment of the extremely thin, clear layer of my "canvas," and the results are truly unique--with the luminosity of copper enamel but with the scale and spontaneity of painting.

Coming late to a self-definition of "fine artist," I have relied on a more scattered, exploratory approach to find a path to artistic maturity, as compared to the gracious delving and gradual peregrination of many long-term career artists. Of course, as with all artists, this creative trajectory is as much a product of my personality as it is of context. I am currently focused on four bodies of work: Calligraphics; Impressionist Landscapes; Organic, abstract puzzle compositions; and Representational puzzle compositions.