Amy Longcope
Amy Longcope
Sante Fe, NM
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Artist Statement

I am endlessly fascinated by abstract shapes and views.

Each time I began work on a new piece, I have no concious idea of where it's going. Painting for me is at its purest when it has no plan and intuition is the medium of the created random forms on my canvas.

Making my thoughts come to life...

The excitement of the experience is when surprisingly the mysterious images evolove. My goal is not to create anything specific in the beginning, but rather to unleash the intense desire to create images with beautiful colors and varied shapes to encourage and evoke meaningful elements of thought. These images have formed from somewhere deep inside my psyche. Making art is a necessity for me. It is the air I breathe.

When I'm not painting, all I can think about is painting.

I love, love, LOVE color; everything about it and everything it can do.! There is not a single color that I dislike. Mixing colors is a pure delight for me and my mood is the choice maker for the colors to tell the story of my expressions.

Instinct guides my painting.

Being allowed this creative freedom and spontaneity has a healing effect for me. Painting allows deep emotions to be expressed and releases deep issues both conscious and unconscious that flow around in my mind and painting lets them free; and thus my artwork is born.

Painting has made me realize who I am. Painting is me.

- Amy Longcope