Los Angeles, CA
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Artist Biography

Sku's fascination with the art world began at age four. The artistic development of creative explorations began as a poetic writer, winning several awards in poetry and later on finding the creative passion for Fine Arts through dancing and artistic projects.

He conveys a message through the bursting bright and dark palettes of color strokes, revealing the 'silent kingdom' visual effects throughout the paintings, which can be closely related to Automatism: "An attempt to exert little conscious control over the painting process."

The artist Sku works in acrylics with a mix media of texture and abstract interplay, all in various paint mediums on canvas, paper and wood among others yet to be explored. There is a sense of harmony in the unguided strokes throughout the art pieces and yet the complexity of the art works emerges from an incredible display of passion that each painted piece brings to the collectors and the audience / viewer.

Welcome! to the art world of SKU: 'Silent Kingdom Utterance'.